President Update June 2018

In our last newsletter, we discussed some of the legislative pushes that we had in the first quarter of the year as an association.   We did our legislative fly-in and got some great face time with the legislators. Guided by FAIA’s knowledge on the issues, we represented the South Florida insurance industry.  We discussed numerous concerns with the legislators, primarily we focused on fraud in the industry as well as the assignment of benefits issue. These are critical issues to the south Florida marketplace highlighted extensively in claims handling related to Irma.   We will always continue to be active for our member’s interest in the state legislature of Florida.


We also had our annual bunny drive this past quarter at Nicklaus Children’s hospital.  We have a great relationship with Radio Lollipop at the hospital. Every year we try and bring a little comfort and joy to the sick children and their families.   We bring them stuffed bunnies that are usually accompanied by someone in a bunny costume to make the children smile and laugh. Several of the board members participate along with a representative from Wright Flood who usually dresses up for the children as the bunny.  The experience is a heartfelt one and hopefully, we bring some happiness to the children and their families.


The big event in the second quarter for us was our Big “I” Day.  From all accounts, the event was a remarkable success. When we were planning the event this year as a board, it was brought up that we should try out this new place called “Top Golf”.  I had never heard of it, however many of the board members were intrigued by a golf outing that could incorporate both golfers and non-golfers alike. As we did our research, we really enjoyed the idea of trying something new and fresh for our membership.  We went forward and booked the Top Golf venue with a hope that it would be received well. I had the pleasure of attending another small event sponsored for my office by All Risk at Top Golf about a month before Big “I” Day.


Once I was there, I realized how good our event would be, as Top Golf is a way to experience both a great social atmosphere and a fun golfing experience.   This coming from someone who has never swung golf clubs before made it all the more exciting. It also does not hurt that there are servers and bartenders constantly refilling your beverage of choice.  I have always believed that things happen for a reason. Some of you may remember many years ago when the weather caused us to reschedule Big I Day three times and eventually cancel the event altogether due to terrible weather each scheduled time.


This time the weather was slated to be absolutely abysmal for Big “I” Day.  Though it was difficult for people to get into Top Golf due to the torrential downpour, once inside I think everyone had an excellent time.   With a roof over our head and being able to eat, drink, golf, and be merry the rain was not a drawback at all. We rounded out the day with a great raffle that I think had prizes that were some of the best we have ever had.  

We had everything from Yeti coolers, Yeti Tumblers, 4K TVs, Drones, 4K Amazon Firesticks, Amazon Alexa, gift cards from sponsors and assorted other items that were all amazing.  One person after the event said to me, “There was not one prize that I did not want to win”. I hope we can continue to reward our members for their support and provide an enjoyable time to network and have fun.   Incredibly, the next big event in the 3rd quarter is for our installation of the new board and president.  Time flies and I think the next 12 to 18 months in the association will be even better for our members.